30 November: Day of Action

What are you doing on 30 Nov?

We'll be using this blog to keep people up to date with events throughout the TUC Day of Action on pensions justice. If you've got links you'd like to share with us, we'll be watching out the Twitter hashtag #30Nov, or drop us a note at n30@pensionsjustice.org.uk

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Liveblogs from unions taking action:

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Unite Scotland video, visiting picket lines across Scotland

Sheffield TUC Day of Action 30th November.Sheffield TUC Day of Action 30th November.

TUC Day of Action Y&H Photos from the rallies in Bradford, Sheffield, Hull and Leeds.

Liz Snape writes for Left Foot Forward that as this strike that will be dominated by women participants, it will add to the coalition’s growing disconnect with women voters.

Unite news release: “November 30 will go down as the day when the trade union movement and British working people renewed their commitment to fight to protect the economic and social welfare advances of the last 60 years.” Read more…

Achubwch ein pensiynau…. from Cardiff

The Lancaster picket was followed by the largest march and rally ever in Lancaster city centre - about 1,500-2,000 turned out and great public support. Via UCU liveblog

Unite panda mascot at rally in Dundee - “David Cameron causes Panda-monium”

Video report and write up of the action from Sheffield’s The Star.

Striking pink! Via @ic4m

Union News Editor Tim Lezard has written an editorial piece in solidarity for 30 November.

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